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Sunday, 15 January 2012


After all my photography hassles, I think I've cracked the code.
All I needed was a new camera.

After spending my birthday messing about with it, I thought I'd check it out on my work with the thought of putting a few new listings on Madeit, and starting a sale on there as well. So I dragged my unstained hard wood chair out into the sunshine and took some snaps. Turns out the shade was the better possie, as it eliminated the shadow issue.
Not perfect by far but a LOT better, no?

Crafters, please feel free to share your photo secrets - I still have a long way to go!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

28 today..

Taking a break from the tail end of my 12 days off to blog, cos it's been so long - I'm clearly not good at doing this regularly!
As the title suggests, it's my birthday today. I've always hated having my birthday 10 days after Christmas, and as a child I'd have birthday parties that would be VERY small due to the other kids being on holidays. These days I work around people where possible, but as I'm content with small celebrations, it's no big deal.
Today I started the day with lots of pressies from Mr Monkei, including a new camera which will hopefully make my product shots a LOT better (no pressure camera) and a heap of gorgeous scented stuff from The Body Shop - this is luxury in my world!

After a thunderstorm this morning, the sun came out and we headed off.

We started off at Mum's for more pressies including some Wilton icing tips I wanted -I'm keen to master cookies this year and will definitely post the results.

Afterwards we went out for a lunch at a cafe we hadn't tried yet in Warrandyte.

The home made wedges were beautiful!

We then wandered around Montsalvat in Eltham, which Mr hadn't seen before. So many pretty things to photograph - heaven for someone playing around with a shiny new camera. I hadn't realised how outdated my camera was, it's 6 years old now and really showing its age. We hadn't realised till we got the photos printed from last week's trip interstate.

Beautiful place!

I'm now sipping on a glass of wine that we picked up on the trip, and looking forward to dinner out. I've definitely been spoilt!

Will be back very soon to the (not quite) regularly scheduled blogging of pretty things and cookery...

How have you all spent your break?