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Thursday, 28 July 2011


I've just had a bookmark accepted for sale at a post office. I don't sound overly excited about it for a few reasons...the lady didn't like ANYTHING else that I had to show her, only the metal bookmarks. And only that particular metal bookmark, one with a leaf boomark piece and glass leaf beads of different colours on it. Nice.

Also, she argued with me over the price, as she wanted more profit than I was offering her to have it sit on her shelf. It didn't occur to her to raise the price I had on it, and I have set my prices as such that I already don't profit much on sales. That's just how it is with handmade, you can't really charge for the time it takes you to make something because people wouldn't want to buy it! So with profit margins already quite slim, I'm not going to be able to take a heap off my profit without making it non-existant.
So we'll wait and see how that goes, I'm not holding my breath!!

Orders from customers beat consignment any day, and I sometimes get orders for these metal bookmarks as christmas presents for those on the list that people aren't too sure what to buy for...I hope they go just as well on a shelf as they do by word of mouth.

I also make corded bookmarks, like the ones I did for the wedding.
The cord ones are great for functionality. They aren't as likely to fall out of the book as the heavier metal ones if you're taking a book in a bag on the train or whatever. I couldn't decide which type of bookmarks to do for ViewPoint so I figured I'd try both.

I came up with these for my mum, who with her uncooperative fingers was having trouble picking up the metal bookmark I made her originally. Funny how life can sometimes force a bit of creativity, and in this case it has definitely paid off.

One more week till I take my stock to Bendigo and have a wander around the store/gallery, which is still being refurbished. I can't wait to see my stuff on a shelf, it's going to be a lot of fun. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Market moan

Feeling a little disheartened today, as I've recently been on the hunt for a market to take my stuff to. It's something I've always wanted to do, after all of the time I spent at markets as a child with my Mum who made a living selling the things she made, before handmade became so fashionable - I guess it's ingrained in me. I love the atmosphere of markets, the people, the wonderful things you find, the friends you can make.

I feel the need to express my feelings on the subject after looking around for the past couple of weeks. The places I've found seem to fall into the following categories - either SO far away, ridiculously expensive to hold stalls, the market falls on the weekend I have to work or they don't want jewellery as they have too much of it already!

I went onto the madeit forum thinking "maybe I can find someone to team up with - that could work!" only to find another Melbourne based crafter has beaten me to it!

So for now, I admit defeat. I'll carry on getting ready for the shop and get the 20 bookmark order I have made and try not to be too bothered by it. Maybe I'm not meant to go about this the same way Mum did - looks as though times have changed!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Heading to a store near you....possibly!

My first ever attempt at a display!!
I'm getting slightly excited...
I was contacted about a month ago by a lovely lady named Jess from Bendigo, asking if I'd be interested in being stocked at a store that she is opening. After much consideration and a little confidence boost from those around me I thought - why not? Check out the store's blog: http://viewpointhandmade.blogspot.com/
So I've been madly making stock up and yesterday I sat down and put together the above display. I have enough stock....for that one display. If nothing gets sold I'm fine!! Clearly I have to make some more stuff, cos I'm hoping that things WILL sell!

This is my new mascot. He's very keen to assist with my crafting, as long as it involves taking up my entire lap and getting a belly rub. Helpful chap!
With this furry little distraction, I'll need a but of luck to get myself organised...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A post for the birds!

I'm officially bird-brained. I can't get enough of these bird related earrings.
I've spent the past few days making up a bunch of stock with the idea of putting it into a store! More on that when it's official. In the meantime, more birds...

I realised that I have always described Mrs Monkei Jewellery as "beaded jewellery using glass beads and semi-precious gemstones. Those ones are amethyst, and the ones below are lapis lazuli. I love gemstones and the meanings behind them. I currently have a piece of aquamarine that I keep in my pocket during the day, as it is supposed to promote calmness. And that is something I need!!

I've just ordered some bird cage pieces, looking forward to expanding my lil bird obsession! Watch this space.

Friday, 1 July 2011

A tentative toe in new waters..

Good things are happening in the world of Mrs Monkei. Well, hopefully they are all good!
I've been on about wanting to do markets for ages, but with time and weather being uncooperative at the moment, it hasn't really been possible. As a shift worker I only get 2 weekends off a month, and one of those is taken up by school. Doesn't make for regular things like markets!

A once off market is an idea. I spotted a flyer today for a local market in support of a community week later in the year. I've put in an expression of interest, so with a little luck I'll be able to try my hand at a market stall.

Another answer to this lack of time is to look in to stocking shops. This is something that I may have news about very soon, so watch this space!