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Friday, 22 July 2011

Heading to a store near you....possibly!

My first ever attempt at a display!!
I'm getting slightly excited...
I was contacted about a month ago by a lovely lady named Jess from Bendigo, asking if I'd be interested in being stocked at a store that she is opening. After much consideration and a little confidence boost from those around me I thought - why not? Check out the store's blog: http://viewpointhandmade.blogspot.com/
So I've been madly making stock up and yesterday I sat down and put together the above display. I have enough stock....for that one display. If nothing gets sold I'm fine!! Clearly I have to make some more stuff, cos I'm hoping that things WILL sell!

This is my new mascot. He's very keen to assist with my crafting, as long as it involves taking up my entire lap and getting a belly rub. Helpful chap!
With this furry little distraction, I'll need a but of luck to get myself organised...

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