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Monday, 25 July 2011

Market moan

Feeling a little disheartened today, as I've recently been on the hunt for a market to take my stuff to. It's something I've always wanted to do, after all of the time I spent at markets as a child with my Mum who made a living selling the things she made, before handmade became so fashionable - I guess it's ingrained in me. I love the atmosphere of markets, the people, the wonderful things you find, the friends you can make.

I feel the need to express my feelings on the subject after looking around for the past couple of weeks. The places I've found seem to fall into the following categories - either SO far away, ridiculously expensive to hold stalls, the market falls on the weekend I have to work or they don't want jewellery as they have too much of it already!

I went onto the madeit forum thinking "maybe I can find someone to team up with - that could work!" only to find another Melbourne based crafter has beaten me to it!

So for now, I admit defeat. I'll carry on getting ready for the shop and get the 20 bookmark order I have made and try not to be too bothered by it. Maybe I'm not meant to go about this the same way Mum did - looks as though times have changed!

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