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Thursday, 7 July 2011

A post for the birds!

I'm officially bird-brained. I can't get enough of these bird related earrings.
I've spent the past few days making up a bunch of stock with the idea of putting it into a store! More on that when it's official. In the meantime, more birds...

I realised that I have always described Mrs Monkei Jewellery as "beaded jewellery using glass beads and semi-precious gemstones. Those ones are amethyst, and the ones below are lapis lazuli. I love gemstones and the meanings behind them. I currently have a piece of aquamarine that I keep in my pocket during the day, as it is supposed to promote calmness. And that is something I need!!

I've just ordered some bird cage pieces, looking forward to expanding my lil bird obsession! Watch this space.

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