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Monday, 20 June 2011


Now that it's over and I haven't looked at or thought about bookmarks for a few days, I feel relaxed enough to write about it!
My sister in-law is getting married in just over a month. Unfortunately we can't make it to England for the wedding, but I made some hair slides for her bridesmaids a couple of months ago as a way of helping and being involved from over here in Oz.
Can't wait to see photos of them on the day!

Moving on!
Just a little over 2 weeks ago, my lovely mother in-law asked me if I could make something little to add into the favour pouches that will go to the guests. Just something else to help them feel our presence there on the day!
No problem, says I. What and how many?
In the end it was decided that corded bookmarks were the go, as they are fairly easy to put together, and pretty light for postage.
How many? 100. Oh..okay. No problem. *gulp*

Once I sourced the materials for them in the wedding theme colours, I got to work.
I set up a work space on my coffee table, we hired some movies and I got started.
Managed to get them done and in the mail 2 weeks later, quite an acheivement! I was surprised at how cheap it was to post, only $43 - and that was registered. No way was I risking this package disappearing after all those hours of work.

Now to wait for the news that it's arrived...

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