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Friday, 17 June 2011


Hi folks and welcome!
After a couple of years of quietly stalking here on blogger, I've jumped aboard the blog wagon myself to see what the fuss is about. Glad to be here!

The beaded jewellery making hobby that I've enjoyed spending vast amounts of money on for the past 5 years has become a bit of a side venture, and I'm really enjoying creating things especially for people to wear and enjoy. I'm still (as you can see) grasping the online component of handmade crafting. My favourite orders by far are the times that people have seen something I've made and asked me if I can do it for them in their own choice of colours/styles. It makes it so much more personalised and I love to see their reactions.

A custom order from last year.

I certainly don't expect to take on the world anytime soon with my creations, but it would certainly help to support my bead buying habit!
I hope to connect with other crafty people on here, most of the blogs I currently follow revolve around baking, which is my other love. I imagine there'll be a balance of both on here over time!

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