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Monday, 26 September 2011

Lessons in stock and materials

Well I've been quite slack in updating this month as my day job has become incredibly hectic. After a relaxing weekend with Mr I'm back on board. We spent quite a bit of time here this weekend - beautiful!

Back to business..
My current lesson in the education that is handmade selling, seems to be around stock timeliness. I found out 2 weeks ago that my earrings have been selling well over at View Point in Bendigo, and that I needed to get some more stock there as they only had a few pairs left. I thought no worries, I'll get a few pairs made and sent over. Plenty of time, right?

Well work got busy, school got busy, time got away from me and before I knew it I was at the day I had intended to post some stock over but I didn't have the stock made! Luckily they didn't run out but I felt quite unprofessional in taking that much longer to get the stuff over there.

I'm trying now to have some pieces already made and sat aside for if/when they are needed. They can always go to a market on on madeit if they aren't needed in store.
I think this is another confidence thing - where if I gain more confidence in the products I create, I won't hesitate to have some extra stock on hand as I believe it will sell!

The other part of this is materials. I order a lot of my findings etc online and it often comes to me from other countries where it can take at least a month to get to me. I need to start factoring this in especially for November where I have 2 markets booked in. It's a lot to think about but that's the fun of it!!

That's enough thinking for one night, I'm off to make some stock!

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