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Friday, 30 September 2011

Workspace Woe

Here I am!! I wrote this post on friday, right before my laptop died... It's spent the weekend at the shop being fixed, and even they don't know what was wrong with it. Onwards!!

I've had today off ahead of a full weekend at work. Hooray for days off!
It has been utilised well, with a car service and a lot of housework. Woo.
However I did manage to sit down and make some earrings with the new bits I have just received. Couldn't resist making a pair with emerald swarovski crystals for myself. I am a big lover of emerald green, coupled with a leafy charm and you have my dream earrings! (I have a fairly large leaf bead collection these days, love 'em)

Anyway, I promised woe and here it is...

I could at least buy a new earring stand, right?

With all of the new findings and bits I have had arrive in the past month, I'm realising exactly how inadequate my workspace is. I have taken over the dining room table in our little kitchen currently, and whilst it is doing the job it's not ideal. We live in quite a small 2 bedroom unit, and whilst I could probably get a desk and take over a corner in our spare room, I like to be out in the main part of the house where I can chat to Mr and be near a heater! So until it drives me crazy, this is where I will stay.

I'm going to start having a think about how to make the most of this space, and I might do a bit of a before and after feature if I succeed. At the moment it's a little too embarrassing to photograph in full!!

This is mini Jim. My husband gave him to me to look after when we first met and I never gave him back. He now watches over my workspace. By "watches over" I mean he takes up room. But hey, he's cute!


Janelle said...

I love the earrings in the the first photo! Your designs are beautiful.

Visiting from the Creating Success Around the World blog hop!

Erin - Mrs Monkei said...

Thanks heaps Janelle, and thank you also for visiting!!