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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Peruvian Bead Fun

Moonstone stars, Navy glass beads and Peruvian moons

Hello folks! How are you all?
Life plods on over here in our tree, lots of school work happening and a few custom orders at the same time - my favourite!

One thing that seems to be being received well is my new items using Peruvian beads.
My mother in law is Peruvian, and she sent me some beads to play with. The results have been very sweet. I especially love the little animals, as well as the white ceramic beads with little suns, moons, flowers and symbols painted on them. The beads are all hand painted and they make for quite unique pieces!

Isn't this Alpaca lovely!

I have just sent another 7 of these keyrings over to View Point, as I was delighted to hear that the two I took in last week have sold quickly!
No such luck on Madeit, where I haven't had a sale in a month. It's been positive really, as it's making me spread my wings a little into the shop/market side of handmade.

As Mr Monkei would say, swings and roundabouts...

I have always thought that with jewellery, people are happiest to buy when they can pick up a piece, and "eyeball" it so to speak. They get a feel for it's quality, durability and the workmanship far better than when relying on photos.

What about you, readers? Are you happy to buy from photos alone or are you a try on first type of customer? I'd be interested to read your thoughts!

I leave you with some sunshine, like the sunshine we enjoyed today!


Christie said...

They are gorgeous Erin, very exotic looking, I can see why they appeal to people.
I haven't bought jewellery online before, but I would for sure. My prerequisites would be that the item was clearly photographed and that I trusted the source I was buying from.
I think you've got all aspects for me covered ;)

Erin - Mrs Monkei said...

Hi Christie,
You have no idea how nice it is to read that - as you can see from a previous post, photography was my MAJOR downfall originally!!

Thank you!

The Kooky Green Owl said...

oi! hello! nice bracelet! and hope you've rested up ok:)

Erin - Mrs Monkei said...

Hellew! I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye yesterday, I was very keen to get out as you will understand!!!! :D