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Monday, 5 December 2011


Urgh it's been way too long since I wrote. If there's anyone out there still with me, I am sorry for the blog vanishing act - I had surgery a few weeks ago and am just back on my game again. It's nice to be back out in the world, I was feeling a little like a hermit.

While I was recovering on the couch, I spent a bit of time applying for markets. I couldn't sit upright for the first week or so which was frustrating, cos I wanted to be making things, but I figured this was still helpful. The trouble is, the label of "Jewellery" attached to my stuff is making it hard to find markets who will have me. Too much jewellery already etc...

After having a think about it, I realised that these days only a small amount of my current product is jewellery. Yes I do bracelets and earrings, but then there's bookmarks, keyrings and hair accessories...and I've just started making phone charms!

Isnt he cute?

So this made me think a bit about branding. Maybe I should simply drop the word jewellery from applications, cos that's not all I do! It's not even half of what I do any more. The Peruvian stuff has put such a unique spin on things that if you put me in a room with 10 other jewellery stalls, it's unlikely that I'll be even close to similar.

I'll keep you updated as I plod along!


Laura said...

Oh he is just too cute!!

I don't know if it helps but CR Couture Studio sell camera straps and have recently branched into hair clips so they have a seperate name for that.. CR Couture Clips... and sell both items under both names from the one stand.

Maybe "Mrs Monkei" could be your brand and then have kind of subdivisions under that

Corinne said...

How about: accessories

Erin - Mrs Monkei said...

Thanks for the ideas Laura and Corinne! I had "creations" suggested to me as well, and I do think it's going to help just leaving out the word jewellery and using accessories or something similar in my pitch. Just base it around "Mrs Monkei". Plus obviously the more I expand what I, the bigger audience I will hopefully gain!